Since our formation as Card Geotechnics Ltd in 1994, CGL has set new standards for our industry, providing sound engineering-based advice and pragmatic solutions for ground-related problems.

About CGL 

At CGL, we offer the full range of geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy services so we can manage projects in their entirety for our clients. We offer a one-stop shop for the smallest to the largest projects, from drilling the first borehole through the delivery of interpretative reports to the completion of remedial design works.

CGL is a specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy in the UK and Ireland with clients in residential, commercial, and public sectors.

One of CGL’s proudest boasts is that we still work with clients who first engaged us when our CGL began in 1994. Our philosophy has always been to look at what we do from a client’s perspective and as a growing business, we understand the importance of reliability in delivery and certainty of advice.

A drilling rig

CGL’s Expert Team

Our team are specialists in their chosen areas and are drawn from engineering, geological, and environmental backgrounds. They provide a holistic approach to construction problems that delivers the cost-effective solutions for which we are known. 

We are proud that our senior staff are heavily involved in delivering the technical excellence our clients have come to expect of us. Our expert engineers at CGL are actively involved in developing the industry and they are authors of many technical papers on geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering in the UK as well as international journals. CGL team members are often invited to speak at conferences and are continuously updating their skills.

62% of our technical staff have Masters or PhD degrees and 40% are chartered professionals. This high level of qualification underpins our work, our capabilities, and the convictions of our recommendations to clients.

Person monitoring ground water levels

“Great ambassadors for the profession.” - Ground Engineering Award judges

Established Reputation  

We enjoy having a strong reputation for our expertise in ground engineering, which continues to grow as we carry out some 300 projects per year around the UK in all major sectors.

Here are some recent comments made by our clients:

CGL Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

Is to provide ground solutions that are well-engineered, pragmatic, and innovative, using the specialist skills and experience of our team to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our vision

Is to create a consultancy that continues to be recognised for its contribution to achieving and setting best-practice standards in engineering and business as we develop our company into the 2020s.

We will be a dominant force in providing ground solutions with a powerful national and regional presence.

We will achieve this by delivering high-quality consultancy advice based on the knowledge and capabilities of our experienced and motivated specialist staff.

Our values

Since December 2020, CGL has been a part of the Construction Testing Solutions (CTS) Group, a leading provider of on-site and laboratory testing services with an established reputation for excellence in servicing the UK construction, quarry products, and civil engineering industries.  In November 2021, a new set of Group values was developed and launched that aligned with the whole organisation.