At CGL, our expert team of engineers has provided a wide range of Geotechnical Services for clients including Contractors, Developers, Structural Engineers, and Consultancies since 1994.

Our Geotechnical Services

At CGL, our award-winning team offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical services across the UK, including:

  • Basement Impact and Ground Movement Assessment
  • Construction Support, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Earthworks Design and Control
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Site Feasibility and Planning Constraints

At CGL, we offer a wide range of geotechnical services to help you effectively manage challenges and reduce risk whether it be for a deep basement excavation, managing potentially unstable slopes, reuse of old foundations or design of new foundations, controlling earthworks, or predicting ground movements.

Our support does not stop ‘at the door’ and we continue to support our clients during each stage of the construction process, providing advice and guidance from feasibility and planning through to design and construction.

Our services range from the initial desk study and ground investigations to complex assessments of soil/structure interaction and the use of soils and rocks in the construction process.

Basement Impact and Ground Movement Assessment

CGL is an industry leader in providing geotechnical services including Basement Impact Assessment (BIAs) and ground movement services to aid the geotechnical design process, reduce risk, and gain regulatory and stakeholder approval for construction projects.

CGL’s work includes:

  • Deep Basements,
  • Steep Retained Slopes
  • Construction Over and Around Existing Sensitive Structures
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Construction Support, Supervision and Monitoring

CGL’s activities during the construction supervision process may be broadly divided into two main elements:

  • Monitoring and construction supervision of remediation measures on contaminated sites,
  • Inspection of earthworks and building formations. 

Additionally, CGL regularly provides inspection and monitoring services to temporary works schemes as part of our geotechnical services.

Earthworks Design and Control

We can develop effective earthworks design strategies as part of a larger enabling works package that addresses remediation planning and regulatory issues to deliver a build-ready development platform for our clients, allowing follow-on contractors to continue as normal.

Our senior staff has substantial experience in geotechnical services and the design of major earthworks schemes including:

  • Highways And Rail Schemes,
  • Landfill Reprofiling and Redevelopment,
  • Large Mass Balance Exercises. 

Geotechnical Design

At CGL, our geotechnical services include a range of analytical software systems to aid in our geotechnical design processes to predict soil-structure interaction with a high degree of accuracy enabling us to design appropriate solutions to the risks faced at a particular site.

Our expert team of engineers conducts a comprehensive range of geotechnical design services including:

  • Detailed ground movement analysis and impact assessments
  • Foundation and substructure designs
  • Retaining wall design
  • Groundwater flow and seepage analysis
  • Slope stability analysis and design
  • Earthworks design and control
  • Observational approach and monitoring strategies
  • Construction sequencing
  • Basement temporary propping systems
  • Basement Impact Assessment

Why Choose CGL For Geotechnical Services?

At CGL, our breadth of experience and expertise in geotechnical services allow us to identify the most pragmatic solutions at all stages of your project. Our postgraduate qualified specialists attend the site in many cases, while our Chartered Engineers, Geologists, and Environmentalists provide interpretation and analysis.

Quality assurance is provided by experienced associate directors, technical directors, and board directors who have nearly 150 years of experience and thought leadership in this specialist area.

Our holistic approach to geotechnical services and investigations provides our clients with real-value engineering solutions.

“Our project teams are accustomed to close integration with clients’ design and construction advisors. This builds successful team relationships and maximises a collaborative approach to engineering solutions.”

Full Services List

  • Desk study summarising the anticipated ground conditions, ground model, geotechnical / environmental risks, and foundation options.
  • Ground risk register
  • Early consideration of foundation and substructure design options
  • Digital Imagery Analysis (LiDAR)
  • Coal Mining Desk Study
  • Design and undertaking of ground investigations (including surveying and remote sensing)
  • Structural investigation design and 
  • Refurbishment, renewal, or new build and/or reuse feasibility optioneering
  • Interpretation of ground conditions to enable foundation design (including slope stability assessments).
  • Temporary works design (working platform design, retaining walls, slopes)
  • Numerical Modelling of Ground Movements    Retaining Structure Analyses
  • Basement Impact Assessments
  • Construction Monitoring and Supervision
  • Earthworks Design and Control
  • Working Platform Designs for Mobile Plant
  • Observational approach and monitoring strategy
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Basement temporary propping system
  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Asset Protection Service
  • Foundation and Substructure Designs
  • Expert Witness
  • Investigation reuse of existing foundations
  • Preparation of preliminary pile testing scope, plus supervision, analysis, and recommendations
  • Geotechnical Impact Assessment for Existing Highway, and Critical Utilities
  • Recommending suitable method of construction below the ground level
  • BIM delivery requirements