At CGL, our expert team tailors our working platform design services to align with the needs of clients whilst upholding industry standards and regulations. 

Our Working Platform Design Services 

CGL designs temporary granular working platforms for construction plots, including haulage and access roads, plushard standing areas which are a necessary feature of almost all construction sites.

The design of working platforms can be critical for the safe operation of the following:

  • Large Construction Machinery
  • Cranes
  • Piling Rig
  • Tracked Excavators and more

We have undertaken such designs in various locations across the country and we have developed a rapid assessment and calculation procedure to establish the ground conditions on site and to produce appropriate working platform designs for construction plant.

Borehole rig craned in place

Working Platform Design Processes

Our observations form the basis of the working platform design, which is undertaken either according to BR 470 guidance (the design of working platforms for tracked plant) or standard bearing capacity equations depending on site requirements and the temporary or permanent works envisaged.

CGL is able to provide design input for all manner of working platforms, whether utilising existing areas of hard standing, to providing new platform designs for the highlands of northeast Scotland. 

The specific working platform design varies greatly, depending on a number of factors including the underlying soil or rock topographic conditions, loading requirements, and the type of material used within the working platform.

Industry Leading Experts

CGL has extensive experience in working platform design services to meet the current requirements and has worked with major clients including Network Rail, Highways England, and National Grid.

Our team at CGL works to achieve industry standards and guidelines to ensure that all projects meet relevant safety and performance requirements whilst adhering to strict Health and Safety regulations. 

Why Choose CGL For Working Platform Design Services?

At CGL, our expert team understands the importance of preliminary site screening and effective decision making.  Our working platform design services are tailored to meet the requirements and complexities of our client's needs. 

We have a proven track record of developing swift assessments and calculations to determine site-specific ground conditions and strive to create a customised working platform design that aligns with the unique needs of each client. 

At CGL, we understand the importance of construction efficiency and safety whilst meeting regulatory requirements.