We can provide you with a robust qualitative and quantitative geoenvironmental assessment and pragmatic solutions based on many years of experience.

Our Geoenvironmental Assessment Services 

The development of any site can pose a range of potential opportunities and risks. Contamination and geotechnical hazards can present a significant risk burden.  

Geoenvironmental assessment is used to identify and evaluate unacceptable risks associated with contamination and geotechnics, and the potential impact on a site or planned redevelopment.

Where preliminary and generic environmental assessment identifies a potentially unacceptable contamination risk, CGL has specialist in-house staff capable of undertaking detailed quantitative risk assessment modelling. These are in relation to sensitive receptors, including human health and controlled waters.  

Where ground gas is of concern, we are able to offer advice and risk assessment with bespoke protection and measuring solutions where appropriate.  

Geoenvironmental Assessment Processes

Our robust environmental risk assessment approach has demonstrated that sites previously believed to require significant remediation can often be developed with reduced intervention.

Following our geoenvironmental assessment, we are mindful to consider your legal obligations and commercial objectives before recommending remediation and significant clean-up. And in our advice, seek to achieve a value-added solution within set timescales, satisfying key stakeholders. These include investors, the Local Authority, and the Environmental Agency.

Our geoenvironmental assessment process generally includes the following:

  • Site investigation and characterisation
  • Regulatory and historical review
  • Data analysis and modelling
  • Conceptual site model (CSM) development
  • Risk assessment
  • Remediation and Mitigation in accordance with regulatory compliance
  • Monitoring and verification
  • Ongoing management
  • Risk identification

Expert Geoenvironmental Specialists

We pride ourselves in employing a team of professional and knowledgeable staff with a wide range of skills, including civil engineers and environmental specialists. This enables us to provide innovative cost-saving geoenvironmental assessment services for all our clients.

Our expert team is a member of the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS). Our ISO 14001 qualification demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why Choose CGL For Geoenvironmental Assessment Services?

At CGL, we are industry-leading experts with a proven track record providing geoenvironmental assessment services throughout the UK.  

CGL is an accredited organisation with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and RISQS Approved certifications, and as such we understand and practice our environmental responsibility and adhere to regulatory compliance on behalf of all of our client and their projects.

We have been providing our exceptional service since 1994 and are committed to delivering exceptional geoenvironmental assessment services ensuring your legal obligations and commercial objectives are met.