CGL offers experienced advice on various infrastructure projects from rail, highways, and bridges – to coastal marinas and docks – together with specialist experience for the energy and power sector.

Our Infrastructure Sector Services

Through early involvement at the tender stage, we can review and appraise tender information, helping to identify and quantify ground-related issues for a wide range of infrastructure development sites. We have extensive experience in the reuse of old foundations, construction of new foundations, earthworks design, slope design, and stability assessment.

Our experience includes road and rail embankments and cuttings, the design of reinforced earth slopes, and remedial works on failed slopes. We also have in-house contamination and waste expertise to refine disposal classifications and potentially reduce offsite disposal costs.

Workers on a highway at night

Infrastructure Sector Processes

We understand the engineering constraints and opportunities these projects can present for our value-engineered solutions and as such we leverage our extensive experience to analyse these nuances. Our approach involves a rigorous evaluation of all project elements from ground conditions and environmental factors to regulatory requirements.

As a specialist consultancy, our expert team can consider a variety of options to recommend alternative solutions or value engineer existing designs ensuring that we are able to refine existing designs to optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These recommendations have led to significant program and expenditure savings, such as our input into some recent infrastructure projects.

Expert Advice Technical Skills

Our technical skills and pragmatic approach, combined with sound knowledge and understanding of legislation and design requirements, means that appropriate ground solutions are provided in accordance with current guidance and best practices, and all are delivered by our expert team of highly skilled, accredited engineers.

Why Choose CGL?

At CGL, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise for all infrastructure projects. Our involvement in the tender stage allows us to identify ground-related issues using our extensive experience in foundation reuse, construction, earthworks design, and stability assessment. 

With our experience dating back to 1994, we analyse and consider various options and make recommendations or value engineering to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We have a proven track record of providing significant cost savings making us your trusted partner for all your infrastructure needs. 

Our Infrastructure Clients

Infrastructure Sector Related Projects