Specialist Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Consultants

“Our geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultants can help you to manage risks, forecast and contain costs, or turn marginally viable proposals into profitable opportunities.”

CGL are specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultants, delivering leading-edge services for a wide range of clients. We provide advice and design solutions on a broad range of ground-related issues, working directly with site developers, or their design and construction teams.

Leadership in Ground Engineering

Our strengths are our core ground engineering knowledge and broad perspective incorporating both geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultant expertise.

Our deep understanding of ground and contaminant behaviour means we can give you cost-effective advice on complex site conditions. Our geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultants provide value-engineered solutions for difficult sites that often turn marginally viable developments into profitable opportunities.

CGL was originally acquired by CTS Group (Construction Testing Solutions) in December 2020. Subsequently Oakley Capital a private equity investor acquired CTS who became part of the Phenna Group. Following this, CGL are now proudly part of the Phenna Infrastructure Division.

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Our Expert Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Services

Geotechnical Services

At CGL, our expert team of engineers has provided a wide range of Geotechnical Services for clients including Contractors, Developers, Structural Engineers, and Consultancies. since 1994. At CGL our award-winning, accredited team offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical services across the UK including: Basement Impact and Ground, Movement Assessment, Construction Support, Supervision and Monitoring, Earthworks Design and Control, Geotechnical Design.

Geoenvironmental Services

Our expert team of consultants provides a comprehensive range of geoenvironmental services through all stages of development, meeting the highest regulatory requirements and standards across the UK, including: Material Management and Waste Assessment, Remediation Design, Monitoring and Verification, Geo environmental Risk Assessments.

Site Investigations

At CGL, our Site Investigation services form a basic element of all our services for the built environment. As an innovative and award-winning ground engineering consultancy, we can draw on our extensive experience to design robust, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions for site investigation that will beat your expectations.

Temporary Works Design

We also provide a comprehensive range of temporary works design services: Basement Propping Schemes, Excavation Stability, Observational Method, Working Platform.

Digital Imagery Analysis

At CGL we have developed our Digital Imagery consultancy provision offering visualisation, analysis, and interpretation of high-resolution satellite imagery and LiDAR surveying data to provide an overview of development sites. We understand the importance and advantages that LiDAR surveying offers in providing clients with significant cost and time savings, identification of hazards, and risk mitigation.

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