Our extensive experience in delivering a broad range of remediation solutions, including contaminated land remediation, allows us to appraise, design, and develop pragmatic site-specific strategies that are cognisant of constraints and project objectives.

Our Contaminated Land Remediation Services 

We work in collaboration with specialist remediation contractors and suppliers to provide commercially viable contaminated land remediation solutions for ground-related issues that enable development to go ahead.

When it comes to dealing with permitting issues, negotiating agreements with regulators, or supplying third-party verification – our independence allows a satisfactory conclusion to be reached for all parties involved.

CGL offers specialist support and management advice to move contaminated land remediation solutions forward to implementation and completion. 

We offer an overall contaminated land remediation project management service, including:

  • Dealing with contract preparation and the tendering process
  • Site management and independent verification
  • Successful delivery of each project

Remediation Design, Monitoring and Verification Processes

At CGL, we specialise in providing tailored contaminated land remediation services which are designed specifically to align with project and site objectives. We collaborate with expert contractors and suppliers to develop practical and efficient strategies for successful project development. 

Contaminated land remediation can involve the following processes to mitigate contamination issues effectively:

  • Site Assessment And Characterisation
  • Remediation Design
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Remediation Implementation
  • Monitoring During Remediation
  • Verification Of Remediation
  • Documentation And Reporting
  • Long Term Monitoring And Maintenance
  • Regulatory Closure
  • Post Remediation Land Use

Expert Geoenvironmental Specialists

We pride ourselves in employing a team of professional and knowledgeable staff with a wide range of skills, including civil engineers and environmental specialists. This enables us to provide innovative and cost-saving remediation solutions to all our clients.

Why Choose CGL For Remediation Design, Monitoring and Verification?

At CGL, we are industry-leading experts with a proven track record providing contaminated land remediation services throughout the UK.  

We offer tailored solutions to align precisely with project and site objectives to ensure not only practical strategies but also efficiency for successful development.

We pride ourselves on our history of delivering cost-saving solutions through efficient contaminated land remediation design, monitoring, and verification services. We also provide valuable assistance in dealing with permits and in meeting specific standards and regulations.