CGL’s attitude towards its responsibilities is led from the top but we all share a determination to provide a safe working environment and leave a legacy of a better environment for future generations.

We take our social responsibility seriously in line with the values that are adopted across the Group.

Health and Safety Management

Health, safety and wellbeing (HS&W) are priorities in all our work and Safety at our Core is the strapline adopted by the company towards our site works. We actively embrace our moral and legal responsibilities to protect our clients, employees and other people/parties who may be affected by our work. Key to this is our commitment to appropriate and specialist staff awareness and training.

Our approach to managing health and safety within ground engineering, both during design and site works, is robust and based on comprehensive risk assessments following our detailed specialist understanding of the specific processes involved, whilst still seeking ways to make continuous improvements.  We understand the risks and dangers that are inherent in construction and how they may be avoided by careful planning. Our procedures are in line with the requirements of CDM 2015 and follow this ethos even when CDM is not strictly applicable.

Clear communication with all staff on health and safety issues is part of the CGL culture. As part of this, we have mechanisms in place that allow us to learn and act on feedback from people throughout the company on health and safety issues including near misses, hazard spots and incidents.

In December 2018, CGL was awarded 3rd party certification from QMS for our occupational H&S Management Systems in accordance with the latest standard ISO 45001:2018, demonstrating our commitment to continuing improvement and adopting best practice to deliver projects safely for both staff and clients. This completes the upgrade of our integrated Quality (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Safety systems to the latest ISO standards.

Our Health and Safety Policy Statement, signed by our Managing Director, establishes our attitude to health and safety, providing a formal statement of our approach to this aspect of the business.

As a further demonstration of capability, CGL is accredited to the Safety Schemes in Procurement system (SSIP) by both SAFEcontractor, and CQMS.

Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

We have built our reputation by providing technically sound, pragmatic and value-engineered ground solutions for our clients whilst recognising and adapting to their specific needs and requirements. A significant part of our work relates to mitigation of contamination risks and delivering environmentally sustainable remediation solutions that protect and enhance the environment.  At CGL, we are committed to educating and supporting our staff and supply chain to achieve environmental improvements where possible and passing the associated benefits to our clients.

We have an Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001:2015. We currently record our carbon footprint to enable us to make future improvements/offsets. Our policy is to promote environmental improvement and our legacy will be to contribute to a better future environment by mitigating the damage done by past and current generations.

Quality Management

Quality Management Policy

Our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation has helped us to improve and monitor our business performance. Our commitment to technical and non-technical staff training makes it possible for us to achieve our consistently high-quality standards.

CGL’s in-house project evaluation and performance (PEP) system provides a comprehensive structure to monitor projects from the proposal stage through to completion.  At CGL we have built our reputation on the quality and clarity of our geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering advice and services.  Our client satisfaction surveys show how our clients like to work with us, the quality of our services and the benefits we can provide, such as reduction in costs, timescales or risks on construction projects.