13 Oct, 2023

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2022 is coming up next week, and we’re excited to announce that we will be supporting the Women’s Engineering Society‘s LottieTour – aimed at creating a lifelong love of STEM subjects in young children and helping increase the number of women in the engineering and scientific sectors.

So, what is the WES Lottie Tour… an annual campaign that takes ‘Lottie‘ to many different locations accompanying lots of different engineering friends who show Lottie the work they do in engineering and related careers. Lottie’s experiences are shared across social media using #WESLottieTour. To find out more, visit https://lnkd.in/eMfaqZEj

Who is Lottie… Women’s Engineering Society (WES) introduced Lottie as a smart and curious 9-year-old doll who tours engineering sites across the country as part of her aim of igniting the interest of future generations of young females to the world of engineering and the wide range of career opportunities that are out there.

Look out for Lottie’s tour photos next week on our LinkedIn page.