13 Oct, 2023

Congratulations to CGL’s Technical Director, Jo Strange, who has been elected at the  AGM as the Chair of the AGS Loss Prevention Group.

This working group looks at risks associated with geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering/science. Typically, this is related to commercial risks such as those associated with contracts and warranties etc. but extends across the boundary into technical issues and risks, especially where it impacts on insurance and liabilities. The Group also publishes a number of Loss Prevention Alerts and Member and Client Guides on relevant topics, which are available from a library on the AGS website.

The LP Working Group would be keen to hear of any relevant issues and observations that may arise from AGS members so that experiences, learning and good practice can be shared or 3rd party bodies ‘lobbied’ accordingly for positive/ equitable change.

AGS also has a ‘legal hotline’ hosted by Beale & Co, where initial legal advice can be obtained free of charge.